Cathy Ripley Greene, psychic medium
Services Offered

Personal Psychic Reading or Mediumship Session - 60 minutes
Have Dr. Cathy all to yourself for a private reading. You'll learn about yourself and your loved ones in an hour one-on-one session. Sessions are held at Ripley Greene Wellness Center – 869 Main Street, Suite One – Walpole, MA or by phone. To book an appointment call 508-668-5228 or email

Small Group Mediumship - 90 minutes
Groups of up to four for a private, small group reading. This is a favorite among family members and close friends who are interested in making connections with Spirit. For two, and up to four people, the session is 90 minutes.

Psychic or Mediumship Long Distance By Phone - 60 minutes
Phone sessions for those unable to make an in person appointment. Yes, Spirit comes through just as well by phone. As one person says, "Cathy is the best long distance operator ever!"

Group Readings - 2.5 hours
Plan a group Mediumship session with friends and family. For everyone to be guaranteed a connection keep the size to 8. Dr. Cathy can accommodate up to 20 for a gallery style where she connects with as many communicating from spirit as possible but cannot guarantee everyone a reading. Group sessions allow you and yours to enjoy an exciting and healing evening together. Pricing dependent on which service requested.

Large Group Sessions
Dr. Cathy is available for large group sessions of any size 100 - 200 plus.

Up Coming Events
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