Cathy Ripley Greene, psychic medium

The word "epiphany" comes from an ancient Greek word which means manifestation or striking appearance. In essence it is an experience of a sudden, striking, or enlightened realization. It is often used to describe a relatively rare occurrence which gives one a depth of understanding. Throughout life’s journey people are fortunate enough to experience an epiphany. I am happy to say that I recently had such an experience when I sat with Dr. Cathy Ripley Greene and she acted as a medium. I've known Cathy for many years and she is an excellent chiropractic physician. She is an equally excellent medium. The experience I had in connecting with loved ones who have passed away was truly remarkable. It was as real as are you and I. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that those with whom we connected in Spirit were there and communicating as clearly as we do on an everyday basis. Making that connection, particularly with my Mother who died in 1979, was a wonderful experience and has given me tremendous comfort, warmth and a wonderful sense of peace. I now have a clearer understanding of the circle of our lives and exactly how close we are to those who have gone before us. I am truly grateful to Cathy for sharing her gift. If you are considering using Cathy as a medium you will enjoy a wonderful connection. It ranks amongst the top five experiences of my life. I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity.
—James M. Brady, Esq. Attorney Jim Brady and Associates, P.C

Dear Cathy, What an amazing evening it was last night!! I'm still reeling from what took place. I can't tell you how impressed I am with your work. It was so interesting hearing all the readings and I'm amazed at the detail and accuracy. Without a doubt, it was a night I won't soon forget.
—Angela W., Norfolk, MA

Hi Cathy, Thank you tremendously for the amazing experience you provided me and my family last Thursday night. I feel it confirmed a lot for each of us, and just as importantly, was so beautiful and healing. I can absolutely see how it is such a blessing for you to be able to communicate with loved ones in Spirit and then be able to relate messages to the living. It is SO beautiful and you are a perfect conduit and host in terms of your wonderful personality and ability to eloquently express.
—Stacey B., Franklin, MA

It has been a few days since my consultation with Dr. Cathy Greene and I am still deeply moved and filled with gratitude. My big sister slipped away from us in January and I have missed her terribly every day. I have had so many questions, worries, fears and feelings that I didn't know what to do with. Lucky for me, one of my dear friends delivered a message to me through Cathy (whom I didn't know) from my sister Karen. There was no doubt in my mind or heart that the message was indeed from my sister and even though I have never considered contacting a medium I could hardly wait to set aside time to speak with Cathy. We spent well over an hour together via Skype. Karen was able to talk to me through Cathy. It's impossible to describe. Now, even though I miss her, I don't feel like she's gone. What a gift. Cathy's integrity and purity of heart is delightful. See for yourselves.
—Dr. Susan Curtis, Costa Rica

Dr. Cathy, I just wanted to send you a little note to let you know that my most recent reading was one of the most joyful experiences I’ve had in my life. I left vibrating with love, life, joy and excitement. I can't wait to do it again!
—Cathy Symons

If somebody told me I would be doing this, I would probably have told them they were crazy. But, here’s the thing; all you need to be is open to it because Dr. Cathy is the real deal! Dr. Cathy is without a doubt, the most inspiring, caring, and remarkably gifted person I have ever met. Her loving thoughts and supportive messages came to me from my sister during a wonderful session. Some things were so specific between my sister and I that no one could have known. Thank you Cathy for helping me to open up my inner spirit. Thank you for bringing me the presence of my sister’s spirit. I will be forever grateful to you.
—Paula M. Flynn, Walpole, MA

Hi Cathy - I want to thank you SO much for such a wonderful experience Saturday morning. Everyone was blown away, and I know that a lot of healing occurred :) As always, you were beautiful and so eloquent in your delivery. My Aunt Jacquie is just so happy and humbled to have been able to hear from her father (and mother, too!), as she hadn't seen/heard from him since she was 5 or 6 years old. Also, a funny note about the "big balls" reference you gave to my brother: he remembered in the car on the way home what that meant. He said that recently, when he had gotten together with his friend John prior to his recent wedding, John had joked several times to Doug and other friends there that he had big balls, and that when he went tanning for the wedding, there were white marks on the his legs from where his balls were apparently resting that didn't tan. HAHA!! And he showed them!!! Anyway - this HAD to be what John's father was joking about, and Doug can't wait to tell John that his father was there!!!
—S. Beaudreau, MA

I wanted to tell you what a great evening I had at our “cousins” session last Friday. You blew me away and were right on with the things you asked me about (my mom’s rosary; aunts medal; the sinister looking Analee dolls that my mom and I laughed about all the time. You couldn’t have been more right on about me and my mom being more like "sisters". When she passed a year ago I knew I lost my best friend in the whole world. That said… when I woke up Saturday morning… I just felt "lighter" as if a large weight were lifted off my and its all going to be okay. So again, thank you for an amazing evening.
—Ann L., Ma

Eight months after the death of my son Drew, in 2002, with an aching back, painful joints and a broken heart I went to see Dr. Greene. She helped me heal my back and joint problems BUT what sets her apart from other doctors is what she did and continues to do with my heart. A few weeks after I began, Cathy gave me a silver necklace and shyly told me she had been guided to buy it and give it to me from my son. I was deeply touched, grateful and comforted. Shortly after this a dear friend took me to a medium. Before Drew had died he told me I would always know he was with me but mediums were “cheesy” and he would never come through in that setting. The very first thing the medium asked me was “Do you have your necklace on?” In my energy sessions with Cathy, Drew comes through all the time. Just two weeks ago she asked if his best friend’s wife was pregnant. I answered no. The next night I saw Drew’s friend and told him what Cathy had said. He swore me to secrecy and told me his wife had just confirmed her pregnancy three days before, which was the day before my appointment with Cathy! Working with Dr. Greene has changed my life. I advise you to pass on the new sweater or shoes and call her instead! She’s amazing!! After a few sessions with her you will remember you are amazing too.
—Patti Lou Malacaria, Walpole, MA

It’s kind of hard to describe what goes on in a session with Cathy. I can tell you it’s intense, but not scary. It feels like she can see right into you and pulls out what has been hiding. Cathy is part teacher, part therapist, part coach. Her coaching is fact based, but looks towards the future. She combines what is now with what will be, and points you gently in that direction. Sessions are exciting, stimulating and affirming. It’s like a kick start for your life.
—Mary P. O’Brien, Walpole, MA

It is my pleasure to share my experience with you about Cathy. Last Spring we had a conversation about an employee who I’d never before discussed with Cathy, and she said, "Oh don’t worry about that, I see her leaving by May 4th." On May 2nd, I received a phone call from that employee telling me she was leaving! Before I met my husband, Cathy advised me that I was going to meet the man I was to marry at a family function. "Go to every family event you are invited to, do not miss even one!" We met the next month at a Passover Seder! Her intuition combined with her guidance allows you to confront difficult issues in your life and changes you need to make. Cathy’s guidance allows you to learn about your life path and how to navigate it to your advantage. You learn about the key people in your life, with a perspective that is exactly right, but you never thought about them that way. Cathy gives concrete suggestions on how to approach issues. She even produces dialogue that sounds just like the person you’re discussing. Cathy is a treasure with gifts to share. I suggest you get yourself a slot in her schedule now; word is spreading quickly!
—Karen Hillman Fried, CA

I have known Cathy since the first day of Chiropractic College in 1987. We had an instant connection and have been friends ever since. I would be sitting in class and Cathy would start writing and then would hand me a note from her Spirit Guide White Oak. My jaw would drop, as she would answer the very questioning thought I was having without me talking with her! I can give you instance after instance in which she would look over at me and say something that related to what I was thinking at the time. Her ability to read others and provide loving, compassionate solutions is nothing short of extraordinary. I encourage you to step out and utilize the gifts that Cathy processes to help yourself solve problems, gain encouragement and achieve your potential! Do it today!
—Paul McKinnon, Fountain Valley, CA

Cathy - Thank you for yet another wonderful session. For so long, with the first readings you shared with me, I spent a lot of time in just amazement. Now that original amazement is gone, and I just know you are so very talented. So it is nice to just arrive and have Jim already there waiting for our "date". Even if he typically starts w/ "business" first!—because that truly helps me, as I have no one to share the company operations with. Your wisdom is most helpful on so many levels—How to live here, how to understand "there" and how to bring the two together.
—Betty L. Norwood, MA

Thank you soo much for my reading today. I always find comfort coming to you. You are an incredible person and your messages are delivered with such love and compassion. I did put a reminder down on my outlook to schedule another appt next year!
—Doreen, MA

What an AMAZING night! I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to share in your beautiful gift. Being able to get a few signs from my parents was incredible. Of course, now I want more!! Think I might need to have a 1-on-1! I just keep thinking about it all. It was also such a blessing to be able to share in others' stories also. A night I will truly never forget.
—Terri B, Wrentham ,Ma

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