Cathy Ripley Greene, psychic medium
Meet Cathy

Dr. Cathy Ripley Greene has been described as "energetic", "self-motivated", "intuitive" and "enlightened." Her life's work is too make the world a better place by helping others become more in tune with their source of spirit and inspiration.

Over the past 17 years Dr. Ripley Greene has built a successful practice rooted in a holistic (whole body) approach toward healing body, mind and spirit. The Ripley Greene Chiropractic Wellness Center--which she established with her husband Craig in 1994--is an amazing place that offers a wide variety of natural and alternative health care methods.

Back in 1984 Cathy began a remarkable journey of self-discovery. It all came together in Santa Barbara, Ca at a meditation class when her instructor Rev. Ford--a well known area spiritualist--said to another woman in the group, "if you feel the urge to write, grab a paper and pen, you may be going to automatic write. It’s a manner in which spirit communicates to us." Cathy knew intuitively that he was actually talking about her. Soon thereafter she did indeed begin "automatic writing" and took the first step in her journey toward discovering her unique gift.

In the beginning Cathy allowed her spirit guides to use her hands, writing down the words and phrases directly to paper. Over time, her ability evolved to a point where she could hear phrases and feel images sent to her by her guides. While some psychics see spirits and are considered clairvoyant, Cathy is clairaudient and clairsentient. That means, she hears and feels the intentions of her spirit guides. Cathy’s main conduit with spirit comes as a Chumash Indian who refers to himself as "White Oak."

Through her experience Cathy has learned that death is not the end of things. Our loved ones stay with us, watch over us and guide us, as do our spirit guides.

At some time in our lives, we all need a helping hand, a little soothing or maybe a gentle nudge, pushing us back on track. Cathy’s uses her gift of intuition and connection to spirit to connect her clients with their passed loved ones and spirit guides. By listening to this guidance, it is Cathy’s intention that her clients find peace, enlightenment and release.

Cathy does readings both in person and by phone.
To make your appointment call: 508-954-6158 or by email

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