Cathy Ripley Greene, psychic medium
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Privacy Policy:
All information collected on this site will be kept private. No information will be sold or shared with other companies, web sites or individuals.

Disclaimer, Terms of Service
Neither Cathy Ripley Greene, nor anyone connected to this site claims to be licensed psychological or guidance counselors. All information gained during a Mediumship reading is intended to be for informational or entertainment purposes only. Each client is free to interpret and act on this information as they see fit. Neither Cathy Ripley Greene nor Ripley Greene, PC is responsible for mis-interpretations or mis-use of any information gained during a psychic, intuitive, Mediumship reading.

While Cathy will connect with any spirits or guides that may present for you, she cannot guarantee that the loved one(s) you wish to connect with will make an appearance during any given reading. Cathy receives intuitive information on almost everyone; however the purpose of this communication can vary widely with each individual.

All fees are due in advance and are non-refundable.

This web site and all information, documentation and images are the property of Cathy Ripley Greene and Ripley Greene, PC. Duplication is not allowed.

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